C Arellano High School CLASS OF 1965


By Yusuf Edgardo Bernardo Chico on Wednesday, December 11, 2011 at 12:01am

 Arellano Manila North High School T. Alonzo Street, Between Lope De Vega Street and Doroteo Jose Street. The other name of the School is AHS and its streetname is known as Sa Harapan ng Arellano.

CLASS OF 1965 THE ERA WHEN THE BEATLES WAS STARTING TO REACH ITS ZENITH & STAYED FOR 3 DECADES; the years of the changing trends in lifestyles of the Pinoys from de-baston to bell bottom pants and for girls from palda to slacks but fastfood like Mc Do & Jollybee will be 20 years later; Antonio J. Villegas was the city mayor(replacing Arsenio H. Lacson who died in 1963) who always won (landslide) in every elections; Mr. Fortunato ‘Ato’ Asuncion was the school principal while Miss Lourdes Zamia was the youngest English/Literature mentor and the old main building stood erect (which was built before the WW 2) in defiant of time; the group of Percival Cruz our PMT Model Cadet Corp Commander leave the campus after the Class of 64 graduated, Rolando Cruz replaced him; Ferdinand E. Marcos, the gentleman from the north won the presidency over Diosdado ‘poor boy from Lubao’ Macapagal; the Young Turk considered as pamasak butas during the senatorial election had started to shout loud and became the ‘pain in the neck’ of President Marcos; Marco Polo Enriquez from Vocational was the Boy’s week Chief of Police and Rolando Cruz was awarded a gold medal as the Best PMT Corp Commander in the inter-school PMT Drill Competition done at JASHS compound; Ang Tambuli, the school organ, was adjudged as the best among the city high school in terms of communications and reporting; two years later, in 1967, the building fronting the AHS main building and its main gate collapsed like an accordion during an intensity 7 earthquake; black and white photography was at its height and starting to be considered as obsolete as Kodak was starting to introduced instamatic cameras and inexpensive roll films; Azcarraga (later renamed C.M. Recto Avenue) was still the hot place to sell and buy used books and what you have; Arranque Market was still the best place to take your meals with libre sabaw; downtown was alive as all kinds of people frequented Rizal Avenue, Quezon Blvd. for Macomber pants, Evangelista, Carriedo where shoestores lined up for your choice & Raon for your venyl song album of 33 or 45, Plaza Sta. Cruz, Escolta, & theaters and cinemas were lined-up along these streets and avenues together with eateries like moderna, henwah, wanam, Uno restaurant, charlie, sunwah, aroma, luisa and sons, and the place Echague where GungHo baked the best hot hopia monggo and Excellente Hamon de china canbe bought. Luneta & Fort Santiago was just a walking distance for us high schoolers. March was the month of our AHS festivity. By April we began preparing the commencement exercise and after the graduation held in Rizal memorial, the CLASS 65 MADE THEIR LAST BALL DANCE IN THE AHS MAIN BUILDING QUANDRANGELthat night. The singing group called THE CASCADES were beginning to be the most favorite long play album and every family has bought one for listening the finest rendition of Rythm of the Falling Rain, the Last Leaf, & my First Day Alone. It was December 1964 that we (Teddy, Grace, and me) heard the songs in the house of Bong Parcon after we attended Simbang Gabi.

These things i could only recall while i missed the yonder years of high school life.


as i remember, the entrance staircase was about 4 meters and facing the building, the right portion was the office of the principal Mr. Fortunato Asuncion (fondly called “Ato”) and the leftside was the room of Ms Tiotuyco the head of the math department and when you reached ……the 1st level or the ground floor, the next room on the left was the office of Mr. Gallardo, the Guidance Counselor; right smack under the 1st level of the staircase going-up the 2nd floor and beneath the stair landings on the right side was the room of Ms. Soliman, on the far-end at the left-side of the groundfloor was the biology room and beside was the physics room. I don’t know if the design of human anatomy painted in 1/4 thick plywood which i donated for Biology class was still there. As to the right side, old pictures of former PMT model cadet were hanging along the corridor; the quadrangle in the middle was where class pictures were always taken and parties and other occasions were held. There were Four (4) entry and exit points in all the four corners of the Main Building and there were 4 Staircases in those same areas leading to 2nd level. As you go up the 2nd level, the main stairs which was a single before the landing area and then 2 separate stairs on both side leads to the library; the Librarian Station was set on the protruding section of the 2nd floor/level to the Main Building which is noticeable in the picture (which in the days of class 70 a flagpole was erected. I still remember that when we go down or go up from and to the 2nd floor, we were taught to “keep right” ; I remember Miss Zamia, our teacher in Literature and English; Miss Nicasio our Economics Teacher, Ms Saturnino in History, ms Buenspacifico in Pilipino, our PMT Instructor Mr Honorato Laurel and Mr. Romeo Amparado.


About Edgardo Yusuf Bernardo Chico

Currently Works with QC Environmental Protection & Waste Management Department, Discipline is on Solid Waste Management Collection and Disposal Schemes includes Planning and Research, Analysis, Projects and Programs, Planning, Organizing, Leading, Coordinating plus Budgeting. Education: Master in Government Management, PLM 2005; BSBA Management, UE 1998 Associate in Commerce, FEU 1965-67; Graduated in Arellano (AHS North) Public High School, 1965 & Primary from P Gomez Elementary School 1961 Projects Implemented: Waste Recycling and Composting Programs for Barangay Holy Spirit 2004; Sagip Batis Sa QC(Cleaning and Clearing of Riverways) Program with 1000 Volunteers from 102 Barangays, 2003 to present; Simot Basura Sa QC(Bukky Waste Collection every last Sunday of the month) 2003 to present; Ten Year SWM Plan; others OFW Housekeeping Supervisor 1990 to 1994 King Fahd Hospital of the University, Al Khobar, KSA; Former Disposal Operations Officer, ESC SWMO MMC 1983 to 1988;Training & Seminars : SWM Local Governance; SWM Systems Planning & Implementation; others Married to Irene Ramos Cousart Chico with 4 Children, Zenaida, Joselito, Zhaira, & Manuel;
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